Education Bureau launches the revamped "Smart Parent Net" parent education website

The Education Bureau (EDB) today (March 21) launches the revamped "Smart Parent Net" one-stop parent education information website (  The revamped website adopts the design of the students of the Hong Kong Design Institute with a renewed colour theme and outlook.  The  enhanced categorisation of content make it even more convenient for  parents to get information relating to parent-child relationship, character development, parenting skills and emotional management of parents.


The main contents of the revamped "Smart Parent Net" website include:

  • Six key themes: providing comprehensive information catergorised under “Parent-child Relationship”, “Character Development”, “Education & Learning”, “Physical and Mental Health”, “Life Planning” and “Home-school Cooperation” thereby catering for the needs of different parents;
  • "Positive Parent Campaign" section: enabling parents with easier access to the articles, videos, information on activities and resources related to "Positive Parent Campaign";
  • Calendar: allowing parents to search for parent education courses or activities organised by EDB and navigate other important issues related to parent education; and
  •  “Parent Education Activity Information Hub” section: allowing parents easy access to information on parent education courses and activities organised by other government departments and post-secondary institutions in Hong Kong.

Please visit the website if you are interested.