Parent Education Talk Series for Parents of Kindergarten and Primary Students (2023/24 School Year)
To enhance parents’ relevant knowledge and skills and help them develop a positive attitude towards parenting, EDB has commissioned St. James’ Settlement to conduct parent education talk series from May to August 2024. The target participants are parents of kindergarten students and parents of primary students as well as grandparents. Parent education talks include two components, i.e. thematic and structured talks to cater for the needs of parents in different stages, and the content of which makes reference to the Curriculum Framework on Parent Education (Kindergarten) and Curriculum Framework on Parent Education (Primary School), covering the key issues relating to different domains of parent education. Through a variety of learning activities, such as lectures, experience sharing and group discussion, the talk series helps parents master the relevant knowledge and skills so as to facilitate children’s healthy growth and effective learning.
Details and Enrolment Methods of the Parent Education Talks:  Press me